• 鏡架4點支撐, 穩定可靠;

                                          • 單鏡架可做到200m2,大幅度降低成本;

                                          • 每天自動清潔2次,聚光效率提高5-10%;

                                          • 6級風,精度高于1mrad,聚光效果提高1-2%

                                          • 全部采用滾動摩擦傳動,鏡場耗電下降70%。



                                          ABOUT ZHIKANG TECHNOLOGY


                                          Longyan Zhikang Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in "innovation capital" Shenzhen in January 2015.
                                          The company believes that solar thermal power generation with low-cost energy storage and 24-hour power generation is the main energy supply mode in the future;
                                          the company believes that tower power station with huge cost reduction space is the mainstream in the future;
                                          the company believes that the focus system accounting for more than 50% of the total investment in the power station is future innovation The main battlefield, only the cost of photothermal power generation can be greatly reduced, there will be a huge space for development!